b. SMB

Unique Software & Hardware Network Solution
TreasureStone backs up your computer and protects everything important to you in an integrated high performance storage. Its plug and play design makes the setup and configuration extremely easy. The powerful Network Manager allows the administrator to deploy, back up, restore and configure a single computer or a group of computers from a central console.

System Snapshot (Undo)
Monitors sector changes on the hard disk at any time to provide protection in real time. Backs up 250GB of data within 10 seconds. If your computer encounters virus attacks, upgrade failure or human error, you can recover the system quickly and easily. System Snapshot works according to the set schedule to recover the system to working state in case an accident happens.

Powerful Universal Restore
Restores files or your entire hard drive across different PCs, regardless of hard drive format, size, brand, or operating system (including 64-bit systems). You can even recover to the latest system and new hardware by dynamically loading new drivers manually.

Remote Disaster Backup on Main & Sub Server
The backup data on TreasureStone main server can be automatically transformed onto remote TreasureStone sub server through the LAN or Internet, in case of earthquakes, fires, and floods.

Pre-Windows Recovery
Recovers a disk image or snapshot in Pre-OS environment to get up and run after a system crash.

TreasureStone Benefits:

  • Network Management: Executes the backup, restoration or schedule for settings for all computers in the network simultaneously.
  • Virtual Machine Support: Converts the backup image into a VMware file format to run on the virtual machine.
  • Remote Control: Network Administrator controls all computers in the network both locally and remotely, enables/disables the interfaces of the remote client, browses partitions, files and folders on the remote computer.
  • Industry Standard AES Encryption Support: File backup supports AES 128/192/256 bit encryption to enhance data security.
  • Set Backup Schedules: Sets flexible backup schedules by groups while simultaneously running backup jobs.
  • Support Major Database & Open File Backup: Provides Open File Backup features. It backs up Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange Server, and Share Point Server in real time.
  • FTP Server: Users in a LAN or on the Internet can visit TreasureStone, upload/download files and directories.