a.Secure Access and Data Protection

Internal and external security threats endanger a business’s most valuable asset – information. Specialized Technologies offers a comprehensive security portfolio that includes products from NETASQ, Kaspersky, OPTENET, Firewalls, SSL/VPN, IPS, web and e-mail appliances each selected and recommended based upon specific customer requirements.


U-Series Appliance

NETASQ is best known for designing and building the NETASQ UTM (Unified Threat Management) range of “all-in-one” Network Security appliances that combine multiple security features in one device. Key features include intrusion prevention, firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antispam, content filtering, VPN access and NETASQ SEISMO for improved real-time vulnerability detection and risk management.


NG Series Appliance

NG Series designed to protect high traffic e-commerce servers and dynamic university networks or as an IPS probe. They are equally suitable for secure high-speed Internet access and for protect critical data centers.


Virtual Appliance

NETASQ Virtual Appliances for SMBs organizations can benefit from the full range of security features at no initial cost, by just subscribing for the services, which include firmware and protection updates.



MFILTRO improves security for your employees and restores their productivity by protecting your mail server. The customer will be able to evaluate their employees’ productivity gain. The spam spread will be hold back and you will be in a position to assess the savings your company has made in time and resources.