Kaspersky Business Solutions

If you are a large business and operate in multiple markets, you need an effective and High Value IT security solution that’s responsive, reliable and flexible, yet backed by trusted, fast and responsive global support plans. Kaspersky Lab offers world-class corporate anti-malware protection for multi-platform IT infrastructures, designed to maximize business productivity whilst minimizing the Total Cost of Protection (TCP).

Kaspersky new business products, solutions and services are part of a product family based on a uniform set of world-class anti-malware and other core technologies. They provide an easy-to-manage security system that’s flexible enough to work across platforms and protect every IT asset, from servers to smartphones. Scalability allows your protection to quickly expand, without security loss, as your business grows. In addition, Kaspersky Lab’s expertise and support will ensure that your IT security is always there and working just as hard as you are.