Enterprise : Protecting Enterprises from internet threats in a web 2.0 world

Enterprises are challenged with installing dozens of specific solutions at the gateway and providing maintenance and updates for each. Optenet’s complete; “all-in-one” security suite offers broader visibility, control and flexibility.


The solution is based on a subscription model dramatically lowering TCO and provides massive scalability with no different platforms to manage, no third party licenses and no hidden costs.



Web Service Providers : Stop Illegal and Inappropriate Content from Being Hosted on Provider Servers

Optenet HostSecure is a service aimed at hosting providers that identifies and categorizes any text, code or images hosted on their servers that is deemed illegal, inappropriate or harmful to minors. Using multiple combined techniques for dynamic content analysis and categorization in conjunction with databases of millions of URLs and images, HostSecure™ provides a detection system that ensures Web providers can regularly monitor the content of the Web sites hosted on its servers, so that the legal or authorized content of each Web site can be appropriately managed.




Child Protection : 100% Internet Security for Educational Centers and Institutions

Institutions and schools need to administrate the Internet effectively in order to create a safe and secure environment for users. Optenet provides Web and Email protection for students and IT systems.

The solution combines parental control, anti-spam, firewall and anti-virus functionalities, and protects against every type of known Internet threat, guaranteeing secure and effective browsing, with a particular emphasis on making the Internet safe for children.




Telecom Operators : Adding Value and Driving Revenue for Telecom Operators

Optenet’s technology enables Telecom Operators to raise their competitive advantage, expand their portfolio of telecommunications services and generate additional revenue by offering flexible, scalable and reliable security services to their customers.

With Optenet, Service Providers can supply all customers – from enterprises to individuals – with a full suite of high-performance security services designed to protect operations, and end user desktops, mobile devices and more.




Mobile Operator : Real-Time Protection against Mobile Threats for Mobile Operator Users

The advance on the adoption of wireless broadband amongst mobile operators is driving the need for protecting mobile phone users against an increasing number of different threats. Optenet has the most complete, integrated security solution suite available, developed specifically to meet mobile operator needs, such as high availability, performance, distributed operations with central management or centralized real-time reporting and statistics. From the protection of minors or law compliance to spam, MMS attacks and virus protection, Optenet solutions for mobile operators enables a trouble-free broadband experience for their customers.