d.Security Assurance

RedSeal Network Advisor:

RedSeal Network Advisor is security posture management software for your enterprise network. Every day, it gathers the configurations of all your network devices: firewalls, routers, load balancers, and more. It analyzes how the rules on all of these devices work together to defend business assets on your network. And it validates this access control against both regulations and your own security policies. The result: you get the security you expected when you invested in all those devices in the first place.

RedSeal Network Advisor Benefits:

  • Comprehensively analyzes your network for security holes.
  • Validates compliance with internal policies and regulations like PCI DSS, SOX, NERC CIP,  FISMA and others.
  • Isolates the root cause of risky exposure.
  • Evaluates firewalls and routers to identify redundant, disabled, expired, or unused rules.
  • Automates control testing to demonstrate compliance to auditors.


RedSeal Vulnerability Advisor delivers near real-time risk management :

RedSeal Vulnerability Advisor transforms scanning into actionable vulnerability management. It gathers the configurations of all your network devices — firewall, routers, load balancers, wireless access points, and more—and combines this information with your vulnerability scans. It identifies where vulnerabilities are exposed to entrusted networks and generates a prioritized list of the vulnerabilities that cause the greatest business risk. Finally, RedSeal identifies gaps in your scanning so you know where to extend coverage to be secure.

RedSeal Vulnerability Advisor Benefits:

  • Correlates scan results with network exposure to identify vulnerabilities creating the most risk.
  • Prioritizes vulnerabilities for remediation.
  • Assesses the risks that a proposed change will pose to an organization’s security posture.
  • Identifies options for network mitigation.